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MBRS Conversion

MBRS Conversion is your alternative to go through training and perform the filing yourself. We will be providing an end-to-end service to help you make your MBRS Submission for Annual Returns and Financial Statements.

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Save time through MBRS Conversion & Automation

We make sure that all filings are fully MBRS compliant in accordance with the requirements made by SSM starting November 2018. 

For a fixed rate, we can conduct these submissions on behalf of companies. This saves your company time and energy and gives you certainty that all your financial reports and statements have been filed correctly.

Fast delivery

Our service takes between 2-3 working days to complete upon submitting the necessary information.

MBRS Conversion & Filing Service
MBRS Submission

Why MBRS Conversion?

Formis Network Services is the only service provider in Malaysia offering these types of services to the market.

We help you prepare, convert and submit both you Annual Returns and Financial Statements. All of our staff underwent the official training by SSM in MBRS for filing of annual returns and financial statements.

Expert filing

Our team comprises of certified MBRS prepares that have gone through the training syllabus SSM has set out and are qualified by SSM to use the MBRS tool.

Advantages of using MBRS Conversion & Automation

Real Time Collaboration

Allowing multiple users to access and collaborate at the same time.

Spreadsheet Linking

With MBRS Conversion you can integrate directly with Excel making it highly user friendly and easy.

Smart Editing

The MBRS Conversion Platform allows users to edit, review and comment throughout the whole filing process.

Integrated Validations

With MBRS Conversion platform you can validate your documents with the integrated validation engine.

Audit Check

The Cloud Platform allows external auditors to access, comment and make changes in one single place.


All filings completed with MBRS Conversion are completed by a highly trained team in the user of MBRS.

Companies using our MBRS Services

Register for MBRS Conversion

We offer MBRS Conversion and filing services when it is most convenient for you. Our staff will complete the submission within 3 working days for a fixed rate. 
If you want to use our services you submit your financial reports directly onto our platform and we will do the rest of the work for you.