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MBRS Conversion – Are You Making the Right Decision?

MBRS Outsourcing Service

Business owners sometimes encounter the dilemma of whether to go for MBRS outsourcing or do the daunting task of filing and submitting their business documents themselves. Malaysian Business Reporting System is a portal, which you could use in submitting or filing your Financial Statements or Reports (FS), Annual Reports (AR), and Exemption Application according to your FS and AR. A newly released system, it makes the task easier, faster, and more accurate.

The downside is that using the MBRS platform based on the eXtensible Business Reporting Language format is still confusing and difficult especially if you lack proper training and knowledge. Although you have the training, there could still be instances when you forget how it works and how to use it for the filing and submission of the SSM requirements. Thus, the best option would be to outsource an expert for the job to save you the worries.

MBRS Outsourcing Overview and Upsides

Running your business is an entirely challenging task to pursue especially if you are new in the industry. Submitting and filing the required business documents could burden you even more especially if you do not have the background to do the task. So why exactly should you outsource someone or a team for your MBRS filing and submission?

Professional and Highly Regulated

Accountants and finance professionals are bound to codes and ethics that would ensure they do things the right way. They regularly update their ethics and codes as well as comply with high professional standards, which result in better work processes and outcome. On top of that, most accountants and finance professionals are now going through MBRS training courses in order to add to their credentials and set of skills. They mastered the procedures and standards of the system to come up with accurate reports in compliance with the SSM mandate.

Credible and Reliable

Professional financial personnel with comprehensive training and credentials are reliable and credible compared to others. Hire a chartered accountant with proven training and license for the job. You cannot just entrust your business and financial data to anyone especially those with shady reputation. Choose a professional with remarkable background in the use of Malaysian Business Reporting System for a hassle-free and accurate report.

Experience and Expertise

Professionals with years of experience in the industry are sought after because their length in the business translates to their expertise in what they do. Of course, there are promising newcomers in the financial industry today but it is much safer and more viable to choose and hire the experts with proven experience than gamble on a newbie. They have worked with different types of clients in varied industries and could handle your accounts for efficient results.

MBRS Outsourcing & Conversion is the ideal way to comply with the SSM requirements for your business. You can have accurate Financial Statements/Reports, Annual Reports, and Exemption Application, submit, and file them immediately. Most importantly, hiring someone for the job could also mean getting professional assistance such as interpreting the data for better business operations. You may also contact our MBRS training team services here.

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