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MBRS Help – Refresher Points for Preparers

MBRS Help & Support

Malaysian Business Reporting System is an online or digital platform that allows businesses and companies to submit their business reports with ease, speed, and accuracy. Getting MBRS help is a must especially if you want to maximize the full potentials of this system. However, due to the newness and technical aspects of the platform, refresher resources are necessary even after you have attended a training course or module.

Important MBRS Help Tips

Malaysian businesses need to comply with the requirement of filing and submitting relevant paperwork and documents including financial returns and annual reports. Fundamental MBRS support systems are available for the access and use of qualified participants and interested parties. You need to learn and understand the basic components of the system such as the mTool (MBRS preparation tool).

Using the mTool

The downloadable Excel-based tool is accessible through the SSM website, which allows users to create and file their business reports online. Thus, you can skip some of the difficult parts of filing and submission such as the long lines when you do it during peak season. Moreover, MBRS makes it easier because you could skip bringing bulks and heaps of documents to the physical SSM office.

How to register for MBRS Support Courses

Numerous workshops and seminars are available offering MBRS training courses and modules. It is imperative to choose an SSM-licensed training center and provider so that you can be sure of the content and quality of the training you get. Learning the fundamentals of Malaysian Business Reporting System is essential in compliance with the requirements for all Malaysian businesses.

Join the workshops for a thorough understanding and update of the ins and outs of the system. Moreover, you can find workshops and training providers that offer after-training MBRS help and support for their participants. You not only get essential guide for the task of filing and submitting your business reports. You can also access the necessary tools and resources especially if you need to refresh your knowledge and learning from the previous trainings that you attended.

Benefits of Attending MBRS Training

Aside from the fact that it is a helpful professional endeavor, attending MBRS workshops and seminars allow you to learn, understand, and practically use the MBRS system based on the eXtensible Business Reporting Language format. One of the first things that you learn from the training is using the mTool or MBRS preparation tool. You also learn the primary business paperwork and documents. Participants learn the preparation, creation, and submission of Financial Statements (FS), Annual Reports (AR), and Exemption Applications according to your FS and AR. Malaysian Business Reporting System facilitates business reporting as well as the analysis of data in order for business owners and key players to make better entrepreneurial decisions.

MBRS help and support resources are the necessary tools that you need to maximize the usage of this filing and submission platform online. It creates your business reports, translates data and ensures integrity and reliability of salient data. Choose the best workshop and training providers now, offering comprehensive resources and refreshers. You can find more information about MBRS Training here and the other MBRS services we offer here.

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