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MBRS Hotline – Getting Through the Technicalities

MBRS Hotline & Support

An MBRS hotline is what you need if you want to avoid certain technical issues in using the Malaysian Business Reporting System. Although it is based from the format of the eXtensible Business Reporting Language, the fairly new platform could result in users getting lost along the way. You need assistance and support even after undergoing the required training courses and modules. This is where a comprehensive and readily accessible support resource and reference comes in handy.

Help from MBRS Hotline

Business report preparers should comply with the requirement of undergoing training under an SSM-licensed trainer. Training courses and modules provide all the fundamental data you need in filing and submitting the required paperwork such as Financial Statements (FS) and Annual Returns (AR). Finance professionals and those in charge of the business report submission should learn and understand the significant components including the mTool or MBRS preparation tool.

However, there are cases when you would find the training overwhelming and could lose track of the basics. This is where you need to refresh your learning about MBRS and everything connected to it. All Malaysian businesses should adhere to the requirement and sometimes using a new and technical platform could be too much even for finance professionals. Access to a comprehensive and user-friendly MBRS hotline is everything you need to solve your problems.

Choose a Good MBRS Support System

Undergoing training on the Malaysian Business Reporting System is just one of the many aspects you need to consider. Equally important is having a good resource where you can refresh what you have learned from your training course and module. The good news is that you can find service hotlines especially for professionals and individuals, which are having issues in the submission and filing of their business reports through MBRS.

What to Expect from MBRS Support Systems

A comprehensive support system for clients includes an MBRS hotline, FAQ page, and chat room with chatbots that you can reach and talk to any time of the night and day. It is good to know that efforts are already on the way in launching these services to be fully live and accessible.

Organized seminars in Malaysia are remarkable opportunities for business owners and professionals that have jobs in line with the MBRS filing and submission. You can take advantage of these offered seminars and training courses at your most convenient time and place. Some online resources and references are available so that you can register for the required initial courses. The most important training courses to comply with are Introduction to MBRS and MBRS for Preparers, which focuses on Financial Statements.

Other Important Reminders

Malaysian businesses and companies need to comply with the mandate that all qualified entities should submit their business reports through the Malaysian Business Reporting System. Undergoing training modules and courses could help you prepare the document and paperwork with efficiency, speed, and accuracy.

MBRS hotline is one of the ways to maximize the platform and use it to your advantage. It reduces the cost of collecting data. Learn more about MBRS today!

To help you with your MBRS Submission we also offer an MBRS Conversion Service to help you with the preparation of your Annual Returns and Financial Statements. Find more information about the conversion service here.

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