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MBRS Support – FAQ

For both new and experienced preparers, a comprehensive and readily available MBRS support is vital for all Malaysian businesses and companies. The online submission platform for business reporting is to become mandatory to comply with. Malaysian Business Reporting System uses the XBRL or eXtensible Business Reporting Language format for fast and easy submission and filing. Preparers may initially think that it is a complex process but undergoing course training or modules could make everything clear, doable, and so much easier.

MBRS Support and FAQs

The online tool for business reporting submission is for all Malaysian businesses specifically in filing and submitting salient documents and paperwork such as annual reports and financial returns. All basic MBRS support systems require you to learn and understand significant components such as the MBRS preparation tool (mTool).

The mTool is Excel-based and downloadable through the SSM website. You can create your business report and file it online, allowing you to skip the long lines during peak season or bringing bulks of documents to the SSM.

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the Malaysian Business Reporting System and answers for additional MBRS support:

What should you do to understand MBRS?

Learning a brand new way of filing your business reports such as annual reports and financial statements is a complex and difficult task without help. Getting an initial MBRS support starts with attending the required course training and modules. Two of the initial courses you need to comply with are Introduction to MBRS and MBRS for Preparers: Financial Statements.

Who should attend the MBRS training?

Professionals that are in charge of filing and submitting the business report should attend the MBRS course training and workshop. Certain individuals and sectors need MBRS support including company secretaries, finance professionals, directors, accountants, business owners, auditors, and those who are plainly interested about MBRS.

Why should you attend the course training?

Undergoing the course training for MBRS filing and submission is a necessity because it helps participants to learn, understand, and explain the requirements for MBRS submission. You get started with knowing and using the MBRS preparation tool (mTool) as well as understand primary paperwork for your business. Learn how to prepare, create, and submit annual returns and financial statements.

How do you benefit from using the MBRS tool?

The benefits of using the Malaysia Business Reporting System include reducing the cost of gathering both financial and nonfinancial data and time consumption due to data entry and conversion of format. The system allows translation of data into multiple languages as well as improving data reliability and integrity. MBRS tool facilitates financial reporting and analysis of data to ensure better decision making.

How do you sign up for MBRS support courses?

You can find numerous workshops available for MBRS course training and modules. Choose a licensed SSM-approved training provider in order to comply with the requirements. You can join workshops for comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of the MBRS. These course trainings serve as guide for all Malaysian businesses. You can learn more about our other MBRS services here.

If you wish to attend a training in the use of MBRS you can register here.

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