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MBRS Support – What Could Make a World of Difference

MBRS Support and Training

Malaysian Business Reporting System or MBRS is a submission platform, which follows the format of the eXtensible Business Reporting Language or XBRL. This important tool helps you submit the Annual Return, Financial Statements and Report, and Exemption Applications for your business. You need MBRS support before you can fully use, maximize, and benefit from this comprehensive and effective platform.

MBRS Support and Basics

Malaysian businesses need to comply with the mandatory submission of required documents for their continuous and hassle-free operation. You need to submit your certificate for private exempt company, annual returns, and unaudited financial statements to Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM). The submission undergoes two phases as well as by zones, which will start from November 2018.

MBRS support is necessary because it is a new platform with numerous specifications and features. Training is compulsory especially for business owners and professionals with the job description of preparing the required documents for submission.

Why Undergo MBRS Training

MBRS course modules and training is the initial support you can get when learning about the brand new method and platform in submitting and filing your business reports. Annual Reports (AR) and Financial Statements (FS) are difficult and complex aspects of your business as there are numerous technicalities to deal with. Professionals handling these documents should be trained and fully equipped for a hassle-free and accurate filing.

Finance people and professionals must undergo two initial MBRS courses in compliance with the SSM requirements. The two courses include Introduction to MBRS for starters and fundamentals. The second course is MBRS for Preparers: Financial Statements.

Should You Attend the MBRS Training?

Small business owners and entrepreneurs in Malaysia should undergo the initial course training and module. However, larger corporations with a designated department or professional to handle the business report submissions should send their delegates to train with the ones authorized for this particular task.

For instance, individuals and sectors such as auditors, company secretaries, directors, financial professionals and accountants are the usual participants of the training. You can also attend if you are simply interested in learning about the Malaysian Business Reporting System. You can read more about MBRS Training here.

Getting After-Training Support

The training courses and modules contain all the necessary and applicable data you need in preparing, filing, and submitting your business reports. However, you may not fully understand and absorb all the information you gathered and learned from the training. Many factors could affect the efficiency of the training and how well you could remember and apply your learning.

Regardless of the reasons, an MBRS support and hotline is imperative to sustain your knowledge and learning. These resources could help you refresh whatever it is you have learned from the training but somehow forgotten or missed. Helpful and relevant support for MBRS preparers are priceless tools that you could access every time you feel the need for it.

Learn more about the Malaysian Business Reporting System and the basic data about this platform for better business operations. Access MBRS support and other helpful resources for your future references today!

If you would like us to help with your MBRS Filing we have an expert team ready to assist you today. You only need to send us your documents and we help with the conversion of your documents so you can submit directly to SSM. Read more about the service here.

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